Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Mackynzie Drinkwalter

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” America hasn’t and never will be destroyed by outside forces. We have had attacks on America but as a nation we rebound and make our country even better. Lincoln was trying to say America will only fall if we Americans stop believing in our freedom and give up as a nation. Outside forces will not cause America to falter only we ourselves can cause our nation to falter. There have been attempts to shake the United States such as the September 11 attacks in which terrorist believed the attacks would cause America to falter. They were wrong as a nation Americans worked together to strengthen our nation. We all joined together and believed in our freedom, in which caused America to become a stronger nation. As Americans we have to keep our freedom we have to continue to help others and do what’s right for our country. We need to strengthen our economy, and our relations with fellow nations. We need a strong leading president to make good and right decisions to make America a stronger nation we cannot let the outsiders come in and attack our freedom we need to fight back and stop them before they have a chance to cause a falter in the United States. As president Abraham Lincoln said many years ago America will only fall if us fellow Americans lose our freedom and allow it to fall. As Americans it’s our responsibility to never let America be destroyed from the inside or the outside. Mackynzie Drinkwalter Fisher High School Fisher, IL