Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

James Dupree

JT Dupree Word Count: 272 Abraham Lincoln, hated by many and loved by more, was nicknamed “Honest Abe” due to his courageous acts. Lincoln grew up with nothing and became one of the greatest men in history. He grew up in a log cabin in Kentucky. He was self-educated and had nothing going for him. He, then, became president. His life is a true story of inspiration. He came from nothing and stomped up to the capital with hard work in his left hand and perseverance in his right hand. He was elected into the Illinois state legislature and worked his way up to the U.S. House of Representatives. Lincoln was appointed office by expressing a strong opposition towards slavery. Lincoln expressed a strong determination to abolishing the expansion of slavery in the western territories. When Lincoln was elected seven slave states left the union to form the Confederate States of America and four more joined in later when violence erupted between the conflicting groups. A bloody civil war then engulfed the nation as Lincoln promised to protect the Union, enforce the laws of the United States, and end the secession. Lincoln used his wise tactics to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, which made the war not just about fighting, but about freedom. Lincoln inspired his soldiers to win him the war. After his tremendous victory over the rebellious states he took a bullet to end his life. Lincoln did not just increase the economy of America; he increased people’s view of America. He increased the amount of patriotism and freedom in America. America departed from his leadership to be a tremendous country.