Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Brianan Walker

On November 19, 1863 people were captured by a speech that laid peace through the nation. Seizing in 272 words, The Gettysburg Address was to be one of the most powerful speeches to this day spoken by Abraham Lincoln. Addressing the lives lost, battles fought and what America was started by; prosperity, equality, and liberty formed by our Founding Fathers. As Lincoln stood on the once the most bloodiest battle sites of the civil war, giving his speech, it showed his pure love and support for this country. At that moment he consoled America’s lost and battles that tore the country apart. Leaving America knowing that we have a platform to move on with a chance for equality and “a new freedom”. With this foundation of giving America hope, in 150 years, America has reformed, showing that we as a country are stronger then ever. Equality and respect for our country and those who have fought to save America over the years, was started by the voice of Abraham Lincoln. The voice that said, we need to act like a country in which it was founded on, having pride for what we stand for. The domino effect of this speech lead to equality in our country, women having the right vote, first African American president elected in 2008, and honor and respect for our soldiers. If only Abraham Lincoln were here to see this today, to witness the effect he had on America, the hope he had for us. After Lincoln was assassinated, senator Charles Sumner said, “The world at once noted what he said, and will never seized to remember it.”