Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Kamryn Downing

In Abraham Lincoln’s diction of the Gettysburg Address he captured the reality; life is appallingly short. He needed his audience to understand the lives of those lost meant something. The way I see it Lincoln was man of great character, and ebullience. His speech was incredibly humble, and delivered in complete simplicity. He had an extraordinary devotion to the cause for freedom. Someone once told me, it is not about how well liked you are, it is about how respected you are. Thanks to Lincoln’s speech every man who died in the fight for freedom earned the respect of our nation that day. In just two hundred and seventy two words he would make a lasting impression on America. I believe in the proverbial phrase less is more, I think he probably did too. By that he leaves a legacy behind that is truly inspirational. Today, his words remain authentic and true. One hundred and fifty years later it distinguishes the goal of equality in America. The Gettysburg Address represents how far we’ve come as a United Nation under God. No man is greater than another. Our countries freedom is well deserved. His speech wasn’t meant for just then, it was meant for now. Everyday the United States has the ability to grow in a way other countries can’t. We are blessed with freedom of religion, expression, and speech. We’re blessed with those enteral privileges because of the people who fought for those rights. You know the Greeks only asked one question after a man died: Did he have passion? Anyone that has died in the place of our Country has passion.