Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Caleb Brown

The Gettysburg Address was much more than a speech dedicating a cemetery to fallen soldiers. Lincoln’s speech begins by defining what type of nation we live in. The United States is a nation founded on freedom and equality. Lincoln charges us as individuals to devote ourselves to this cause. Freedom and inequality are the most important qualities that Lincoln had. He was a great leader in the life he lived. Freedom is important because we have to understand that freedom is\ fought for and not just handed to us. Freedom is what gives us the right to live life freely without many restrictions. Rosa Parks is a good role model because she stood up for her freedom and rights of African Americans that should have had freedom. She defended herself by not letting white people tell her what she can and cannot do, she stood up for herself and thats what made her a great leader. She also had bravery which is important for a leader and also being brave for an African American women to stand up for other African Americans. Equality is about everyone is equal and nobody is left out. It is important that we all have equality as a nation because we live in a free country and everyone should have equal rights. Abraham Lincoln showed equality because he helped free the slaves during the time of the underground railroad and he was a great leader to help lead them out of slavery. This is great for America to share where they have been through the years. Therefore equality and freedom should be shared with everyone and us. Caleb Brown