Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Asia Lockett

The Gettysburg Address was an intriguing novel. Abraham Lincoln was a one of a kind man. He went through social adventures that nobody else was brave enough to do. He stood against his peers, congress men, even his wife, just to make all equal; to end slavery. Lincoln devoted his life to making sure that the ideas of the Founding Fathers were carried out exactly how they were meant to be. He gave a speech for the clarity and sincerity of the thirteenth amendment. The proud man prospered, keeping his head high with integrity. He fought for the termination of slavery through equal rights for men under the law. Abraham sacrificed everything, even his son, to make sure that coloreds would be treated totally equal to whites. The presidential party even had to bribe some of the congress men, but with three-fourths of a vote from congress, Abraham Lincoln accomplished his life-long mission; he passed the 13th amendment before he got reelected. While one of the greatest men in the world succeeded in aspects people didn't have the courage to do, he was one of the most to be envied as well. Lincoln, the man that took a stand against everyone he knew and came across, was assassinated for his well intentions for saving lives on the battlefield and at one's “home.” This wise man never let anyone sway his thoughts on what was wrong, and what was right. Abraham brought light to everyone's eyes to see that if one person that withholds courage and strength takes a stand, just one, that anything is possible- all you have to do is believe. Asia Lockett