Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Mark Poshepny

Helping in Small Ways Can Mean Much to Others Even if one only has the ability to help others in small ways in everyday life, it can mean much to the person who receives one’s help. I am passionate about helping other people in small ways during everyday life whenever possible, and through my experiences I have received much gratitude from said people. One example that sticks with me the most was when I was up at college last year. I was on my way back to my dorm room after a tutoring appointment when I ran into a student who required the use of a motorized scooter in the middle of campus. Her motorized scooter had died, and even though she already had some help, I stopped and offered to help without a moment of hesitation. She accepted my offer and we all got the scooter back to the student’s dorm. She was extremely grateful. I was not looking for anything from helping; it is just my nature to help someone who needs assistance when I can. Had I not stopped it would have gone against my nature. My point is that even if one cannot help many people in a position of prominence like President Abraham Lincoln did, one can help a few people in everyday life when the time arises, and that doing good in small ways can give one much satisfaction. In my opinion, every person is capable of this, but not everyone realizes this. Even providing the smallest assistance can make a difference. Mark Poshepny