Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Destiney Snowberger

Abraham Lincoln gave outstanding recognition to the soldiers who fought in the battle of Gettysburg. The Gettysburg Address honors all the soldiers who lost their lives helping the United States become a better country. The Gettysburg Address encompasses grief and depression for those brave people who died trying to save our country, but it also gave us a great deal of comfort because we knew the Civil War was finally over. Abraham Lincoln made sure to lay all of the brave soldiers to rest with the glorification that they really deserved. The Gettysburg Address bestows all the remembrance to those who truly made a difference. The permeating message in the Gettysburg Address is that not only was Lincoln a great president, but an exceptional leader. Abraham Lincoln did a phenomenal job in commemorating the soldiers in the Gettysburg Address, but he deserves to be given fame and glory too. Abraham Lincoln tried to unite the country again instead of watching different parts fight against each other. Not only did he accomplish this, but he fought for equality and tried to make life better for all citizens, even the African Americans. The Gettysburg Address and Abraham Lincoln both impacted our country tremendously because they brought the United States back together again. If it hadn’t been for Abraham Lincoln our country might still be fighting against itself today. With the strength and bravery of the soldiers and the magnificent leadership skills from Abraham Lincoln our country was saved. Our country could be completely different today if we hadn’t had the amazing courage and leadership that we received from Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address. Destiney Snowberger