Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Brent Francis

In 1858 Abraham Lincoln had a challenge to face named Stephen Douglas, who was the Democratic representative in the Illinois senate election. These two would go on to do seven debates across Illinois to try to win peoples votes. Most of the topics during the debates where about slavery, because that was the main problem in the country, although Illinois was a free state both candidates had to write their speeches while traveling and told people what they actually believe. Now day’s politicians have people who write their speeches for them and they just parrot whatever their people write on their teleprompter to try to get the people to vote for them when they usually don’t actually agree with what they say. This is why people back in Lincoln’s day are better than politicians now. Look back at the past presidential election, both parties have different media stations bashing the other party, if this wasn’t happening something good might actually get done in the political world. While when Lincoln was running for office they didn’t have the media ruining their opponent’s reputation for every little thing. While when Lincoln was running for a position they just debated their own ideas, that they wrote or came up with on the spot, thus things actually got solved during Lincoln's day. Thus through Lincoln’s debates he won most of them fairly and truthfully, but also lost some of them, like in 1858 he was defeated running for Illinois senate election race against Stephen Douglas, but later won the 1860 presidential election when he ran against Stephen Douglas and John Cabell Breckinridge, who were both democrats. Brent Francis Fisher Jr/Sr High School Fisher, IL