Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Jacob Franklin

“The people will save their government, if the government itself will allow them” was said by Abraham Lincoln. This quote is directly showing Abe’s very excellent demeanor towards the way that a government should be run. This is why he was and still is looked at as one of, if not the best President of the United States of America. Lincoln was trying to deliver the point across that; a good government should always allow the people to have the government the way that they see fit. I believe that this mentality would make our government much more successful today. There is clear proof of this working is the era when Lincoln was President of the United States of America. It worked because he was firm in what he believed in, but pursues having a government that lets the people have the government ran how they see fit. Syria is a great example of this, and how a government (Barrack Obama) did not work with the people and try to represent the people how they want. Instead of acting ill mindedly our president should be capable of having the judgment to know that he is acting against the will of the country. If Obama would have been able to ask congress how they felt on the topic before recklessly saying that there was going to be a strike on Syria, he would have, one not made himself look like an idiot, and two allowed the entire country to work as one to resolve the topic in the best possible way. Acting like Lincoln would resolve many problems that our country has today. Jacob Franklin Fisher High School Fisher, IL