Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Hannah Hires

Moving to some people is packing their things and leaving, but to put the word ‘moving’ into a different context, take a look at President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. But in a different, more important context ‘moving’ rises above its transitive form. The Gettysburg Address is the perfect example of this ascension. In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln very promptly stated the emotional part of the Battle at Gettysburg. Opening his address, he brought forward the idea that all men are created equal. At that time though, that statement could not be held true. The message of this particular address is to show the people of the nation what went wrong and why. In a more emotional sense, it brought closure to everyone that all of the soldiers who died there will be remembered, because as Lincoln stated, “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” It brought hope for the people that their nation will one day be whole again. Being able to come back together as one seemed extremely important to President Lincoln; he wanted to make sure it would happen. So to this very day, we, as one nation remember what was said and what happened at Gettysburg on the dreary day of November 19th, 1863. We proved Lincoln wrong by remembering his 272 word, two minute long address. Words hold a lot of power. But hopefully, Lincoln is resting easy knowing that our nation, under God, had a new birth of freedom and is dedicated by the proposition that all men are, in fact, created equal. Hannah Hires Fisher Jr.-Sr. High School Fisher, IL