Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Nathan Kuhns

Gettysburg Pennsylvania, November 19 1863. A cold November day, winter on the way and president Lincoln was coming to town. But the question that you must be asking is why? For about three years are country has been waged in a great civil war. There was a battle here from July 1-3; it was the bloodiest battle in American history. The day of the ceremony came and I went to the battlefield were president Lincoln was to give his address. There were two speakers there that day, but only one I thought would give a moving speech. The atmosphere was cold, gloomy filled with sorrow. Everyone was wearing black to pay their tributes to the dead. We sat through a two hour speech from Edward Everitt. When Lincoln came up nobody was excepting a great speech. Lincoln starting with Four score and seven years ago, we all knew that he was going to speak the truth. After the speech everyone their finally saw the truth behind Lincoln. Now the nation realizes why we half to keep this nation together. After the speech I wanted to speak to the president. So I tracked him down and told him what I thought of his speech, he was so happy that I liked it. I knew how much work the president has done for the past three years. He was the farther of our country and I was humbled to be in his prescience. He freed a whole race of people from a terrible fate, this fate being forced upon them for their whole lives. That’s what were fighting for, the freedom of all races. Nathan Kuhns Fisher high school Fisher, IL