Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Jason Fedorow

Billions of years ago, BANG, a universe of freedom was created. Random things happened in an insanity of motion. Collisions in the chaos, individual forms destroyed, forming a unity, a new birth of freedom. Everything being equal in creation, on a path of perfection judged by survival. This moment is part of that BANG, we continue forward from that chaos, born into evolving forms. Our inherited position in this universe is on Earth. A more perfect form of survival, collisions of forms, two legs for walking land, two hands for gathering, and forward focused eyes not distracted by the past. Looking to the future, an insanity of motion, living freedom, these legs and hands organize form into tool. Steering collisions, the destruction, testing old forms, creating a new unity. This moment is part of another BANG, a solder steering his bullet, a collision with a brother. A civil war testing a form, the tool of slavery. We the people judging survival as property imperfect. By our hands shovel collides with earth, chips of stone find a new freedom with chisel, bricks test a new form; a monument to unity by war. We have littered the world with these forms, purposely in our path, to make the past distract us. Tools for sanity of motion, steer clear of war, use our freedom more perfectly. We the people connect the past to the future, the earth to universe, the insanity of motion to pattern of sanity. Our destiny is creating unity, collectively smashing the forms of starvation, sickness, ignorance, inequality and build on the freedoms brought forth. Freedom rising from earth, to survival universally.