Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Heather Mathews

In 1863 Lincoln called our nations to reunite in order to preserve and recreate our understanding of freedom. Lincoln states in the Gettysburg address, “...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom…” Lincoln is calling citizens to reunite as one nation once again. This quote has a powerful message, don’t lose hope. Losing that hope during the fighting at the Civil War, would mean that the freedom that many had given their life for, would be taken away and they would become weak. Lincoln wanted the United States to be healed instead broken. The cost of the war was a nation’s freedom. The nation had fallen into chaos when the Civil War had broken out and soon our freedom was at stake as well. This started when the United States went against itself. From the quote, it shown that if a president had wanted that freedom instead of having people sacrifice their life to the war to gain that freedom back, then the people of the United States needed to do something and bring the freedom that they once had back. One of Abraham Lincoln’s goals was that the nation would be healed rather than continuing to suffer from the fracture caused by the Civil War. The Gettysburg Address and especially that quote symbolizes that just by the power of one person with a goal can be challenging enough. This reminded the people of the United States that freedom was not only something worth fighting for, but worth keeping as well. More importantly, it still reminds us today that we should fight for our freedom, instead losing it. Heather Mathews Fisher High School Fisher IL