Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Nicholas Ottney

The Gettysburg Address, a name well known but few who really know its true importance. It was written to simply shed light on these lost souls and our country as a whole. It gave notice to the dead men and all the other sacrifices made for this country. All of the effort these noble men spent to secure this nation’s liberty. The speech said to all of the United States, both Union and Confederate that the lives of these brave men weren’t lost in vain and the Confederate Nation would answer for their lives. That this war would end and the United States would once again become whole. The speech first begins by detailing what our founding fathers dreamt this nation to be and for this our country was waged in war. Both sides believing they were in the right and the other to be great fully wrong. The address did not favor any side; it simply stated the Union would finish these dead men’s work by ending this god forsaken war. Whether they were right or wrong, the Union would put an end to the war and this nation would become whole again. This fight would end and only one nation would remain, the United States and for this great purpose the most honorable of men laid down their lives to ensure our country’s freedom. Lincoln believed this was to be one nation, now and forever. So to conclude this speech’s great importance it would be right to say this speech gave more value to the lives of these pitiable men and to the purpose for this country to remain whole. Nicholas Ottney Fisher Jr/Sr High School Fisher, IL