Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Shelby Paris

The outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg was much unexpected and went down in history. Many family members died during those long three days. It all started when General Robert E. Lee, Confederate General, wanted to attack Washington DC from the north. He was trying to take the stress of fighting off of Virginia. Major General George G. Meade, Union General, wanted to focus on cutting Gen. Lee off, so he couldn’t raid the Northern soil or weaken the Northern cities. The first day of the battle, the Confederate soldiers forced the Union soldiers through Gettysburg on Cemetery Hill. The Union had stopped their advancement until Gen. Lee had called for more reinforcements, and had killed over 20,000 Union soldiers. The second day, Lee collided with the Union soldiers causing him to launch a heavy assault on the Union’s left flank, which resulted in the horrendous fighting. When they tried to attack the Union’s right flank, the Union went into a full-scale assault that helped them hold their positions. On the third day, the fighting resumed on Culp’s Hill, and the Union soldiers fought their ground. They eventually had Lee retreating back to Virginia. Lee announced he would never try to invade the North ever again, and he never did. Almost 51,000 soldiers from both sides were captured, missing, wounded, or killed in the period of this battle. President Abraham Lincoln had made a short, but long lasting speech four days later. This battle was unpredicted and depressing because many people lost their lives. Several families were torn apart, but this battle was one of the most unanticipated, memorable battles in history. Shelby Paris Fisher Jr./Sr. High School Fisher IL