Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Jesse Pedigo

I was thinking about Edward today and how sick and tired I am of this war, he died so young yet there are boys out there dying just as old as Edward. I can’t help but feel bad for the families with that predicament. I still can’t believe he’s gone. 45,000 soldiers died during this battle as I was told, but yet they still carry on, I don’t see why they had not gotten the idea that this war is ignorant and all just for equality why can’t they understand that we can’t hold out the inevitable, and we will win this war. Tis a gloomy day and I have been asked to attend a say a word to the people as they dedicate the land of The Gettysburg battle as the final resting place for those who have solemnly given their lives for our cause. I am excited yet terrified of what will become of my words. Will I petrify the public or will I motivate them and comfort them. I have been in conclusion of the war at hand and have seen what will become of but will not allow them to have this state in turmoil and separate this great nation under god. For the future of this country is at hand. Will they stand and fight or be cowards and let them win. We have traveled down to Gettysburg, there seems to be this luminous fog over the place. I have written my short 272 worded speech. Now that Edward is done. It’s my turn to speak. I sit down take off my hat and begin, “Four score…” Jesse Pedigo Fisher High School Fisher, IL