Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Kodie Pedigo

When you hear the term “government official”, is the image that pops into your mind a positive one? It becomes increasingly obvious that we live in a country that brandishes a growing distrust of our government. The citizens of the United States constantly gripe and complain about mistakes made by the people we vote into office. So what would it take to reestablish our trust in the representatives, and more importantly the president of our nation? The answer can be found in the ethics of a young store clerk that worked in New Salem, Illinois in 1831. It’s been said that if the man ever became aware that he had failed to give the proper change or quantity of a product to a customer, he would promptly close the shop and journey out to right the wrong. He did this regardless of how miniscule the amount was, or how many miles the walk required. This strong character trait earned him a nickname: Honest Abe. Yes, Abraham Lincoln had moral standards that made him as trustworthy as they come. Lincoln was a blunt man. He was blunt in his speech, blunt in his appearance, and even blunt in his motives; there was no hidden agenda lurking in the depths of his psyche. This directness is precisely the reason Lincoln is regarded as one of the greatest presidents in our country’s history. Today if our government officials would adopt his policy of truth, and be honest with each other and with the people of this nation, I believe a new faith in the leaders of the United States of America would be secured forever. Kodie Pedigo Fisher Jr./Sr. High School Fisher, IL