Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Savanna Jo Pflugmacher

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln was not alone in his view in the past or now in the present; America could only destroy itself. Lincoln was our leader at a time in our country’s history when we were divided, but never accepted that the confederate states seceded from the Union. He fought it and believed that we would unite as one country, under God and remain strong. In his Gettysburg Address, though it was not given fame and publicity until many years following, it restored many people’s faiths in our nation. In this speech Lincoln portrayed great pride and belief in our country, and believed the men who died should not die without a cause. Lincoln’s belief in our nation created a sense of hope among the people and gave the United States a goal to heal our broken nation. Our country was divided by ideals, morals, and deep rooted hatred. Both sides had such strong beliefs; they did not see that united we were strong, and divided we were weak. They were blinded by their hatred for one another and could not see the big picture. Abraham Lincoln believed in our country and had faith that we would be united again and we would have equal rights for all of the citizens. The fracture that our country experienced would have caused our new nation to crumble; Lincoln’s will and wisdom guided us down a difficult and challenging path, yet in the end it was necessary. We fought in order to remain strong. Savanna Jo Pflugmacher Fisher Jr/Sr High School Fisher IL