Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Alexis Reynolds

Abraham Lincoln’s short moving speech the dedication of the Gettysburg cemetery is nobly one of the best speeches of all time. The victory of the civil war was decided in 3 important days in history. The battle of Gettysburg began on July 1st and ended on July 3rd, 1883. The battle began in northern cities such as, Baltimore, Harrisburg and Philadelphia. It all started when the two armies crossed each other’s paths, this fight wasn’t supposed to happened. But it resulting in being the “bloodiest battle of the civil war” why they say it’s the bloodiest battle is because 45000 dead troops lay where they fought. As the battle began lee lead between 46,000 and 51,000 soldiers from both armies were casualties in the three day battle. The confederates wanted to show that they could invade the north, and not just stay and defend the south. General lee wanted to attack and have enough time were the union wouldn’t be able to rebuild their troops. After the gruesome battle that latest only three days, they began the barrel of the dead bodies that lay on the battle field. On November 17th, 1883. When Turing back and looking at the battle of Gettysburg, it was fought of accident. No one wanted to fight, but it’s one of those things that turns out to be one of the most important battles fought in civil war history. When I read about the battle of Gettysburg, I feel like having the battle made things better in certain ways, it silenced both troops, although it was devastating, it had the highest equalities of any civil war battle. Alexis Reynolds Fisher high school Fisher,IL