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Tyler Wall

In December of 1839, Abraham Lincoln met Mary Todd in Springfield, and in the following December they were engaged to each other. The wedding was set for January 1st, 1841. But later they called it off, only to meet later at a party and get married on November 4th. Robert Todd Lincoln was born in 1843. He never shared a close relationship to his father like his siblings did. Edward Baker Lincoln born on March 10th, 1846. Edward was named after a friend of Lincoln’s. Willie Lincoln was born on December 21st, 1850. He was named for their uncle. Their fourth son Thomas Lincoln “Tad” was born April 4th, 1853. Thomas was named after Lincoln’s father, but nicknamed “Tad” short for tadpole. They were considered not to be very strict with their children. The reason why Lincoln wasn’t so strict was because he wasn’t home most of the time, leaving Mary behind to watch and raise the children by herself. And when he was home, Mary expected him to be strict with their children. But Abraham Lincoln wasn’t that type of man. On February 1st, 1850, their oldest son Edward died due to tuberculosis. Then February 20th, 1862, Willie died July 16th, at the age of 18, Thomas died to heart failure. Robert was the only child of theirs to live a full life into adulthood. This death of their children was a tragedy that they’d never be able to recover from, especially Mary. Shortly after Abraham Lincoln’s death and the loses of their children in 1875, Mary fell into a deep depression. Robert had her temporarily committed to a mental asylum. Tyler Wall Fisher High School Fisher Il